Our expertise

We work with ceramic in different ways depending on the creations: in ceramic biscuit,
porcelain, or black earth. But what are their advantages and their differences?

Céramique artisanale

Our white ceramic pieces are made in Limoges.
The porous ceramic is fired in biscuit at high temperature so that the mineral matter becomes neutral and can receive the perfumes without denaturing them.

We have some of our models specifically designed and designed by us produced in Limoges. Other models come from standard Limoges raw parts, reworked in our workshop after firing.

Limoges ceramics

Moule pour céramique

The earth, clay and minerals, which make up porcelain is finer than that of ceramic. The fineness of its components makes the porcelain more dense. It is whiter and more equal in color than ceramic. Porcelain can be fired at a higher temperature. It is even more resistant than ceramic. As a result, porcelain can be worked so finely that we can achieve a certain translucency without being too fragile. We only work with porcelain for unique pieces.

These pieces are fired at high temperature without reaching the maximum so that the object retains a certain porosity without being fragile. 


Argile noire, céramique noire

We particularly like black clay (more chocolate).

It is easy to work with thanks to its beautiful plasticity.

Like porcelain, we

let's bake it at a high temperature without reaching the temperature of the biscuit (which would make 
non-porous ceramic).

The ceramic therefore remains porous but neutral and resistant.

Black ceramic