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Between Paris and the south of France with a few sprinklings of the north, an incongruous blend of Parisian aristocracy, Collobrières cork makers and miners from northern France have infused the O by !Osmotik designer with an abundance of French-style creativity!

After designing for over 20 years with top French and international companies, Jeanne-Marie Rudent has created a brand of imaginative perfume diffusers.

O by !Osmotik diffusers can be placed throughout the house, worn as jewelry, hung in the car or on door handles, slipped in a bag or even attached as an amulet … just spray your favorite fragrance or put a few drops of essential oil on your object. Each piece can be used in many ways: as a natural deodorizer, to elegantly repel mosquitoes, purify the air with a decorative item, give your car interior a perfume you love, keep your favorite fragrance near your skin all day long or even retain the olfactory memory of someone dear to you … each person can invent their own use!

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