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Maintenance tips

O by! Osmotik jewelry and decorations are created to last over time and to diffuse your favorite fragrances on a daily basis. To keep them in perfect condition and to diffuse durably, while preserving the materials, we advise you to follow these few maintenance instructions.

To perfume

To diffuse your fragrance, spray your perfume or place a few drops of essential oil (s) on the ceramic medallion . Its porous texture will retain the fragrance without distorting it.

To clean

The jewel / decoration can be cleaned with soap and water. Indeed, you can shower with it in order to clean the ceramic at the same time, but avoid swimming which can damage the gold plating. Once cleaned, you can repeat the olfactory experience with another fragrance!

To clean up

When you are not wearing it, we advise you to store your ceramic in the pouch in which it was delivered in order to protect it from dirt and scratches.

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